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Registration for the 2022-23 School year will begin in January 2022. 

“I've had two children with two very different personalities enrolled at LPCNS. The teachers in their respective classrooms have done wonders to accommodate, nurture and bring out the best in each of my children. While I appreciate the academic aspects of their pre-school program, what I like even better is the staff's attention to 'character building'. There is great emphasis on working together, kindness, sharing, good manners and helping each other. These are the real 'life lessons' I want my children to take away from their pre-school experience. ”

- Melissa

  • Social, physical, and mental development
  • Individual attention
  • Large, well-equipped facilities
  • Open, friendly atmosphere
  • Fully licensed learning
  • Parent volunteer board
  • Field trips
  • Arts and Science projets

From Our Parents


Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School


“I have been a proud LPCNS parent since 2007. Both of my children have thrived at LPCNS, and learned not only important developmental skills from an academic standpoint, but also invaluable socialization skills. The teaching staff at LPCNS is
second to none, and the curriculum is relevant, fun and promotes hands-on interactive learning. I would trust my children's early-childhood education to none other than LPCNS!”

- Rebecca



Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School (LPCNS) is a licensed, non-profit, nondenominational preschool in the heart of Lakewood, Ohio. We offer a quality preschool program designed to stimulate social, physical, and mental development in an open, friendly atmosphere.